The Positives of a Prenup

Written and posted on behalf of Brent Hemington.

The Pros of a Good Prenup: Helping Couples Get on the Same Page

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Nobody wants to think about a prenuptial agreement or the possibility of divorce when they’re about to get married, and understandably so! The last thing you want to think about when embarking on a new life with the one you love is the chance of it ending…

But unfortunately divorce does happen. Not only that, but it can happen at any point in a marriage.

So while it is no doubt an unpleasant consideration to have while preparing to exchange vows, the statistics tell us that a prenuptial agreement is something that really should happen.

That said, a good prenup agreement is much more than just an insurance policy for possible divorce!

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How to Survive Divorce

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Written and posted on behalf of Brent Hemington.

So You’re Splitting Up:
5 Tactics to Survive Your Divorce or Separation and (Soon Enough) Thrive

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Divorce sucks.

If anybody knows this, it’s a divorce lawyer.

For over 30 years, I’ve been working with people as they go through some of the most difficult and emotionally impactful times of their entire lives… And there’s one thing that almost every single divorce client I’ve worked with has said:

“I don’t know how I can do this.”

I get it. But I’ve helped enough people to now that you will move past this.

I also know that there are things you can do – both legally and personally – to help yourself get through this more easily and potentially even faster.

What follows are recommendations I give to all clients who come into my Calgary family law office. Believe me when I say that I fully, 1000% understand how badly this hurts right now, but you can and will survive this. Continue reading “How to Survive Divorce”

5 Important Things To Have In Any Separation Agreement

Brent Hemington - Separation Agreement

Written and posted on behalf of Brent Hemington.

Separation is stressful for almost any couple, and understandably so; emotions run high as both parties are entering uncharted territory in their relationship.

More often than not, this combination of raw emotions and confusion creates a dynamic that adds fuel to an already intense situation, causing even more strife and unrest. This can lead to a “perfect storm” in which both sides get so caught up in raw emotions and confusion that they have a tough time seeing the proverbial forest for the metaphorical trees (so to speak). Continue reading “5 Important Things To Have In Any Separation Agreement”